Services and Rates

We are "The Kennel Alternative"SM. Our quality in-home pet sitting and dog walking services are the alternative for pet owners who are reluctant to board their pets or send them to daycare. We remove the risk of your pet(s) contracting any number of communicable diseases/illnesses or suffering injury, anxiety or depression that can result from boarding or day care - not to mention lack of exercise in some cases. Our services allow your pet(s) to maintain their normal activities in familiar surroundings, while providing your home with an “occupied” appearance in your absence.
Pets We Care For:
  • Dogs/Puppies
  • Cats/Kittens (including ferals)
  • Birds (including exotics and aviaries)
  • Rabbits, Ferrets and Small animals
  • Turtles, tortoises and other reptiles (only non-venomous and those not requiring a live rodent diet)
  • Fish and koi ponds (feeding only). We do not clean/maintain fish tanks or koi ponds.
  • Hermit Crabs
  • Amphibians
  • Senior pets
  • Re-homed pets
  • Pets requiring medication (admin. not requiring special licensure/certification.)
  • Special Needs pets

Services and Rates:

Daily "Relief" Dog Walking Service
$18.00 (per visit)

  • 15-30 minute visit
  • Pet “relief” walk
  • Fresh water
  • $18.00 per visit - add *$2.00 per visit for each additional dog needing walk.

Daily Meds. Service (All Pets)
$18.00 (per visit)

  • 15 minute visit (length and number of visits dependent on meds. protocol)
  • Admin. of basic meds (those not requiring special licensure and/or certification to administer)
  • Pet “relief” bathroom break (dogs)
  • Fresh water
  • $18.00 per visit - add *$2.00 per visit for each additional dog needing walk.
Discounted monthly packages available.
*Ask about our multi-pet discount.
"Per visit" not "Per Pet" rate.