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Through our community outreach and active volunteerism in the local pet community, we recognize the urgent need to provide pet food and supplies to local no-kill  shelters/rescues and pet-related charitable organizations. As with most non-profits, these organizations, in particular, have been hit hard by recent economic times. Their animal intake numbers and resulting veterinary and sheltering costs have skyrocketed as a result of layoffs and foreclosures. Yet their donation levels as well as adoption rates have drastically decreased and their financial and tangible resources, if any, have been depleted, and, in some cases exhausted. To add insult to injury, the number of available foster homes has also drastically decreased as pet-loving people lose their homes and jobs or become maxed out with fosters. As a result of these realities, most local non-profit no-kill animal shelters/rescues and other pet-related charitable organizations are operating in crisis mode but will not give up because the abused, neglected, abandoned and homeless animals still need their help. The community needs their help!

In 2008/2009, our pet sitting business, Animal Companion Pet Sitting Service, LLC, initiated, coordinated/managed and co-sponsored the local-level (Orlando & Winter Park) Wishbones for Pets pet food and supply drive, which raised over 3200 items for its 6 beneficiaries.  However, the Wishbones for Pets initiative is restricted to the Fall of each year nationwide. Yet, since the needs of local pet-related charitable organizations are not seasonal, we founded Paws CauseSM to answer the on-going and increasing needs of these organizations.  

As the Wishbones for Pets District Director for Central Florida, we will continue to coordinate, manage and sponsor the local Wishbones for Pets initiative (Wishbones for Pets – Central Florida) for years to come. And, we look forward to the 2010 initiative. This year, we have invited ten (10) professional pet sitting companies to join us as co-sponsors to represent most areas of Orange and Seminole counties. Their names and individually selected donation sites will be posted to this page as well as the local Wishbones for Pets website via or later this year.     

Mission and Purpose

*Paws CauseSM is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing pet food and supplies to local no-kill pet rescues/shelters, pet-related charitable organizations, as well as pet owners in need, through community donations.   

*Paws CauseSM is a registered PetCo community partner and has been selected to serve as the pet food and supply pantry for several local PetCo locations under its “We Are Family Too” community initiative.