Benefits Pets with:

  • Cage anxiety

  • Social anxiety and/or aggression towards other animals

  • Advanced age

  • Physical limitations and/or disabilities

  • Special needs

  • Environmental sensitivities (allergies, hypersensitive reactions to cleaning agents, mold, etc)

  • Special Circumstances:  feral and free-roaming cats, wildlife, land turtles/tortoises, koi ponds, aquariums, aviaries, etc.

    Benefits to the Pet Owner:

  • Pet’s schedule: feeding/diet, watering, meds. and potty routines are maintained

  • Pet’s exercise and playtime routines are maintained

  • Pet’s training routine/techniques, if any, will be maintained and reinforced

  • Pet remains in the comfort of its own home and surroundings

  • Pet will not be exposed to unfamiliar animals, injury, communicable diseases, or parasites

  • Pet receives personal, loving attention from passionate experienced animal lovers

  • Multi-pet households benefit from “per visit” fee not “per pet” fee

  • Experienced, honest service providers. Not hourly and/or with “questionable” backgrounds

  • Advanced reservations not required to guarantee kennel space. Some notice is appreciated.

  • No rushing to drop-off or pick-up your pet at/from the kennel. Open Sundays.

  • Return to a happy, healthy, socialized, exercised and content pet.

    Benefits to the Homeowner:

  • Home has occupied appearance in owner's absence.

  • Other customary services are provided at no charge for the “Out-Of-Towner” service. See the Services and Rates page for a detailed list of those basic services.